Amongst God’s Own

Amongst God’s Own, the Enduring Legacy of St. Mary’s Mission

A book by Terry Glavin & former students of St. Mary’s. The story of St. Mary’s Mission on the Fraser River is an insightful and readable account of the integral relationships that shaped its history. One of Canada’s foremost non-fiction writers, Glavin has woven a highly charged narrative around the words of former students and archival photographs to produce a veracious and timeless book.

Seeking funding for the third printing

The first two printings of this book were funded through the Aboriginal Healing Foundation & commissioned by Mission Indian Friendship Centre in 2002. Presently, Longhouse Publishing is seeking funding for the third printing. If you’re interested in contributing to this important resource, please contact us today!

Changes made in the third printing

  1. Addition of names of previously unidentified students
  2. Explanation of front cover photograph
  3. Origin of book title
  4. Addition of review excerpts
  5. Change of the cover colour

Download curricula for schools

There are three sets of curricula for Social Studies 10, 11 & 12 developed by a BC Indigenous Educator. These curricula are based on the British Columbia education curriculum criteria. Download the accompanying lesson plans for this book here

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We are sorry to inform you that Amongst God’s Own, the Enduring Legacy of St. Mary’s Mission is presently Out of Print.