“It can be said the author has been successful in setting the polemic aside to enhance society’s understanding of a painful past, and to ensure historical accuracy. . . The reader comes away with a feeling of “so that’s what it was really like …” – Joan Taillon, Raven’s Eye, July 2002

“Award-winning B.C. journalist, historian and former Catholic Terry Glavin, author of The Last Great Sea and This Ragged Place, is probably best known for his writing on aboriginals. A worthy addition is this portrait of St. Mary’s Residential School, established near Mission by the Oblate order. The book, based on interviews with former St. Mary’s students, and featuring dozens of vintage photos, was extolled by The Report as “an astounding portrait of overlooked generations of Canadian Indians.” – David F. Dawes, Canadian

“The great thing about this book is that the personal narratives are varied and offer a balance that is rarely shown. Of course, many abuses did occur and that is a large part of why such books are written—to help in the healing process . . . Recommended for secondary and public libraries.” – Marilyn Aldworth, District Librarian, SD 44, Reviewed in The Bookmark Summer 2004